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DANTSTAV CZ Ltd – About us

We are a building, business and mediating company. We have been making a maximum effort to achieve high-quality results in the building, commercial and business co-operation contracts for several years. Our building activities are specialized in developer projects, one-family house´s building-up, utility networks and civil engineering construction. Our service´s portfolio contains not only new construction´s realizations but a different rebuilding and reconstruction. The ground works, site excavation, and demolition are parts of our projects as well. Further our company is capable afford to our customers services in the field of a wooden construction, wiring system, cleaning works, personal management, and for services complexity road transport as well. Together with a wide spectrum of provided services which are founded primarily based on trust, reliability, and quality, our company offers also commercial activity. Our business is focused on iron, stones, bottled gas and biofuel all over Europe.


Main subject of work was focused on small building and business cases. In the process we extended our offer of services due to an enquiry growing. Currently we offer to our customer wide spectrum services focused on building industry, wooden construction, wiring system, cleaning works, personal management, commercial and mediating activities. In the year 2009 the company changed the name to DANTSTAV CZ Ltd and aimed at continuous adding services and certifications for client´s comfort. During several years the company demonstrated the high professional and business level including all its product´s evincible guarantees.


Our company´s vision primarily consists in extension build up new constructions feasibility on the basis up-to-date trends and technologies. In the future our endeavor will be company´s experts know how deepening. They thus will be able afford maximum comfort in all areas of our activities towards our clients.
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